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    Doug (and Todd, and Scott Jones),

    I sit on the MIRA Awards judging panel and was amazed as I read this years submission for the mobile search. Doug, I echo all of your comments – it is cool what they have done. I tested it as well last Monday as I hit the web trying to find out what time the NCAA final game started that night. When I couldn’t find it easily, I decided later to text it to ChaCha and had it back in less than 2 minutes! Wow, that was cool. I can really see this working as people travel, need instant relevant information, etc.

    Now, here is the question I want to ask Scott. How do you make money with this model? Where is the revenue stream? Who pays the guides?

    Lastly, I don’t know what value it provides, but I already had a ChaCha account and being able to go online, add my phone number, and then see the history of my questions and their answers was pretty cool.

    This one will be fun to watch.

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    Great post Doug.

    I’ve followed ChaCha for a couple of years, and never really understood it. Human guided search – like you said is labor/resource intensive and thus, slow. I actually wanted to give it a unique tagline… “WAIT…. It’s Google.” Since nearly every time I tried it, it gave me the same results as Google… only is 10X the time.

    Anyway – once I read a few months ago they were ‘expanding’ to mobile – I knew the ‘announcement’ was coming that they were putting all of their eggs in this basket. Since then, I’ve enjoyed using the mobile version.

    My favorite response was to my silly question – “What is the meaning of life?” And I got back – “To tell all of your friends about ChaCha.”

    Now that is good!

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